Black iPhone 5 LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

Black iPhone 5 Touch Screen & LCD Assembly
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Is your Black iPhone 5's screen broken? We know how frustrating this can be which is why we offer brand new iPhone 5 replacement screen assemblies in black to help you get your smartphone working again! The simplest drops and falls can cause your outer glass touch screen to shatter or display black spots all over the LCD. With our highest quality iPhone 5 screen replacements though, you can get nearly any display issue you may be having fixed and working like new again! Our provided DIY iPhone 5 screen repair kit will include every tool you may need to safely replace your cracked or broken screen yourself, saving you big money!

This iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Fixes:
Issues with the touch screen including cracked or shattered glass or non-sensitive digitizers (not responding to touch). The attached display on the screen assembly will resolve issues with damaged LCD screens including dead pixels, inky black spots, discoloration, vertical or horizontal lines, and white or black screen caused by physical LCD damage.

Please note: The much-preferred part for this repair is the iPhone 5 LCD & Touch Screen Assembly with Small Parts - Black.  This screen for the iPhone 5 does not require any flex cables to be transferred.  Although it costs a little bit more the repair is much safer and has a very high success rate.   

Available as a DIY Kit.  14 piece took kit is ideal for quick repairs and maintenance of your smartphone or tablet.

Our DIY Kit Includes:  

Compatible With:

  • iPhone 5 (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
  • Model # A1428, A1429, A1442