HTC MyTouch 4G LCD Screen Replacement

MyTouch 4G LCD Screen Replacement
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HTC MyTouch 4G LCD Screen Replacements are available to you at a great low price! Our high quality MyTouch 4G LCD screens can fix an assorted amount of damage and display issues you may have encountered after dropping or smashing your device. You can replace your HTC MyTouch 4G LCD display screen yourself and save the hundreds of dollars you would normally spend on a brand new device. You can upgrade your order to include the recommended toolkit to ensure you have the proper tools to preform your repair.

This MyTouch 4G Replacement Part Fixes:
Display issues caused by faulty screens or physical damage including: dead pixels, LCD bleeding, vertical / horizontal lines, inky black spots on the LCD, and discoloration.

Our available DIY Kit includes all the following recommended tools:

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