iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
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The iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement is 2915 mAh of power to replace your battery that is not holding a charge the way it did when the device was new.  If your battery is getting warm during use or charging is another sign that your battery is malfunctioning.  Exchange your dead and dying battery issues wth 24.00 hours of talk time (3G).  FREE pry tool.

These batteries are zero-cycle:

A Cycle means one sequence of fully charging and fully discharging a rechargeable cell or battery. When you use 50% of your battery capacity and charge it back up to 100%, you have used half of a cycle. Zero-Cycle means the battery has never been used or discharged, it is brand new. Any partial recharge and discharge will count toward a full cycle. 

Brand-new premium zero-cycle battery assemblies are also UN DOT 38.3 Certified. These batteries are put through various tests to ensure they meet the criteria of the UN DOT 38.3 testing standards. These tests provide you with a safe, durable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery assembly that can withstand transportation & wear. These tests include extreme thermal conditions, impact, overcharge and forced discharge simulation, vibration, shock, external short-circuiting, altitude/air transport simulation.

Available as a DIY Kit.  Included are all the tools you require for a successful repair including Apple's proprietary Pentalobe Screwdriver.  

Our DIY Kit Includes:

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus


  • iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement
  • Capacity: 2915 mAh
  • Stand-by time: 16.0 days (384 hours)  The average is 20 days (477 h)
  • Talk time (3G) 24.00 hours.  The average is 15 h (897 min)
  • UN DOT 38.3 Certified
  • Premium Zero Cycle Battery
  • Free Pry tool
  • Professional Repair Service Available
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